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We want to read your story

Tiny Windows is opening up for submissions for the 1st time.

Put that idea down on paper at long last. Polish that story. Pull one of your unseen greats out of the drawer.

Submissions open! They will remain open until 1/31/23.


-Any genre (though we do have an affinity for genre-hybrid, sci-fi, & thriller / and keep in mind we aspire to present stories with cinematic potential)
-You are the author / you represent the author or material
-10k words or less (we’re not really counting but the priority is the ability to read in a single sitting which we generally define as 45 mins or less)
-English (or translated to English)
-File is standard format (.doc/.docx, .pages, .pdf)

Our Promise:

-We will read every single submission.
-We will respond in 45 days or less (none of this months long waiting)

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