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[Sticky] Community Guidelines & Rules

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Guidelines & Rules

• Our aim is to create a safe and enjoyable space for the discussion of writing, films, and the entertainment industry. The rules may be changed or added to when the need arises so you should check them regularly. Any delay in enforcement of the rules does not mean they cannot be enforced at a later date.

• We are asking people to use their real names and not any aliases, so if your digital footprint is of concern to you please be aware of your posts, words, and/or opinions.

• We are asking our beta-testers to help us guide and shape this community in terms of content and areas we can improve on.

• Accounts will be deleted on request. Previous posts will not be deleted but will instead be assigned a random user name.

• Small sections of copyrighted material may be posted when you cite the original author (fair use) or when it is used with the authors permission.

• Since we are a writing forum, Tiny Windows is in favor of free speech and opposed to censorship. The exceptions are situations where content may harm the quality or well-being of the community. We ask everyone to remember that with free speech comes the responsibility to use it sensibly and with respect to others.

• You must own the copyright to all work claimed as your own.

• If your writing contains adult language, sexual behavior, or violence, it must be marked/categorized as such.

• By posting, you are granting limited use. Specifically, retention or removal of that piece of writing from the site is solely at the discretion of the site administration team, and members may quote the submission in full or in part for the purpose of critique within that thread.

• Please do not spread stories and articles across multiple threads, including blog threads. If a story won't fit in the initial post, subsequent pieces should be posted as replies to the original post.

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